Friday work at the core of their clients’ businesses, improving the customer experience where it matters most, and where digital development can deliver the most value.

Clients partner with them to re-imagine and design their customer experience, improve the technology that powers it and develop capabilities to better manage it.

The agency’s clients are mostly senior customer-proposition owners in high-touch service organisations that need to keep pace with customer expectation while dealing with legacy.

Friday believes in the internet as a force for good. Friday says: “It creates transparency and meritocracy, and places power, knowledge and agency into the hands of people, encouraging organisations to be useful and relevant. Bringing digital into the core of businesses re-orients them around the customer, which creates value for society.”

Friday has been growing over the past 12 months. It moved into new offices on Farringdon Road and started working with a raft of new clients including Jackson Hewitt, ERM, Anglia Ruskin and BMI. It has also sharpened its proposition – Core Business Digital – and launched a new website:

In 2018, Friday joined PA Consulting. The combined capacity in customer experience and service design, digital transformation and technology innovation offers market-leading, end-to-end digital expertise to clients around the world.

Position 201878
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)6,431,695