Whether you’re an affiliate (aka publisher) or a merchant (aka advertiser), understanding how other affiliates prioritize various factors related to affiliate programs is important. In this post I’ll share findings of a poll I ran for three months on my blog.

Having picked 15 different factors that normally influence an affiliate’s decision about joining (or not joining) an affiliate program, I asked affiliates to cast their votes checking all criteria they analyze prior to choosing an affiliate program to work with.

Here is the top five ranking that can be derived from that poll:

  1. Commission amount (45%)
  2. Website usability, leaks, etc (35%)
  3. Merchant’s reputation/reliability (34%)
  4. Conversion rate (27%)
  5. Tracking/reporting platform used (25%)

The full picture looks as follows:

What factors do you analyze while choosing an affiliate program (check all that apply)?


A – Commission amount
B – Commission recurrence
C – Conversion rate
D – Cookie life
E – Creatives
G – Management & approachability
H – Market saturation
I – Prices/competitiveness
J – Reputation/reliability
K – Reversal rate
L – Terms of service
M – Tools
O – Tracking/reporting platform
P – Website (usability, leaks, etc)

If you’re an affiliate and haven’t yet voted, poll, your vote would be much appreciated.