Social network Facebook opened its doors to third party developers last week, allowing users to add apps to their profile pages for the first time.

Since the launch of the Facebook development platform, plenty of widgets have been added to the site. Here’s a list of the most popular so far…

iLike iLike
This application lets you list the songs you like, lets you know of concerts in your area, and gives you recommendations based on your Facebook music and friends. This widget is the most popular, with 633, 717 users.

RockYou’s astrological application has 291,058 users so far.

Compass The Compass
From the Washington Post, this widget presents a simple survey to determine your political leanings, and presents you with a compass on your profile page to let everyone else know. 98,110 users have opted for this one.

Bunchball games
This application gives you a range of multiplayer games to play from your Facebook page. Users can play against other Facebook members. 130,509 users.

Facebook video Facebook video
This lets you upload your favourite videos and display them on your profile page.

Users can edit their photos without leaving the site – 111,263 users.

Users can show animated slideshows or photo strips on their profile pages, 84,594 users.

Flixter Flixster
Rate and review films and share with other users, with access to Flixter’s rating, sharing and recommendations tools. 67,924 users.

Extended info

Instead of sticking to the usual profile categories on Facebook, this widget lets you add fields of your choice and list any unusual interests you want to share with friends. 56,845 users.

Uber Uber Music Player
This lets you listen to music via your profile page, share it with other users, and customise skins, though it’s not working for me at the moment. 33,816 users.