Last Friday I wrote a post called “Are inbound links the best way to measure a blog’s influence?”, where I challenged a study published by Edelman and Technorati.

That study ranked the top blogs in the UK by influence, but rankings were determined solely by links from other blogs. My big issue is that the quantity of links doesn’t tell you very much, not when many blogs listed in Technorati are spam blogs. 

In any case, I don’t believe that PR professionals or media planners would subscribe to this link-based methodology to measure influence (or very much else for that matter).

So I promised a closer look at the top blogs in the UK, ranked by a more suitable metrics: unique users and page impressions.

After the jump, the results…

My feeling was that there were some major exceptions in the Edelman/Technorati study. And it turns out to be true, with the UK’s top three blogs not mentioned in the top ten of that study.

Some caveats first…

  • This list is not comprehensive, since a number of bloggers have yet to respond to my call for data (or I haven’t been able to unearth any). Perhaps we can fill in the gaps over time. If I have missed any blogs out then please get in touch (
  • I have not included The Guardian’s commentisfree or any of its other blogs. I’d love to get some accurate data for these blogs, but so far I’ve drawn blanks.
  • Nor have I included any data from the BBC blogs, as stats are equally difficult to unearth and besides, it is the BBC, so we can assume Big Numbers.
  • I haven’t included those blogs operated by the few big media companies that have adopted blogs, such as Associated New Media and The Times. We can but wonder how they are getting on.
  • Finally, a disclaimer: I was one of the founders of hecklerspray. I’m not inflating the stats, I swear!

For the purposes of comparison, super-popular US blog BoingBoing attracts about 2.2m unique users per month and generates a whopping 24m page impressions.

Well done to all those bloggers who made it into our Top 15. Send word if you deserve to be included (based on unique users / page impressions).

The Top 15 UK Blogs…

1.  Mashable

750,000 unique users, page impressions are “in the millions” – data claimed from publisher

2. hecklerspray

510,607 unique users and 750,123 page impressions

3. Girl With A One Track Mind


289,449 unique users

4. Tech Digest

Tech Digest

At least 226,300 unique users and 341,000 page impressions

5. Shiny Shiny


At least 192,200 unique users and 372,000 page impressions

6. Iain Dale’s Diary Ian Dale's Diary

171,000 unique users

7. Londonist


132,254 page impressions in the last 30 days



113,429 unique users and 138,849 page impressions

9. Random Reality Random Reality

102,071 unique users

10. The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady

At least 86,800 unique users and 189,100 page impressions


86,778 unique users


EU Referendum

85,188 unique users and 129,921 page impressions



60,609 unique users and 734,615 page impressions

14. Loic Le Meur Blog

Loic Le Meur

60,000 unique users

15. Tim Worstall

Tim Worstall

51,349 unique users

* Data is from September 2006, where known, and ranked according to unique users.

Notable exceptions and question marks (no data available, as yet, but would probably make the Top 15 list):


Belle du Jour

The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom

Mind Hacks

Boris Johnson


The top ten UK blogs according to Edelman / Technorati
(ranked by incoming links)

The Layer of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom (sic: Lair)
EU Referendum
Tech Digest
c h r o m a s i a
Iain Dale’s Diary
Mind Hacks
Loic Le Meur Blog

The TechDigest top ten(“a mixture of the Edelman list, Technorati figures, information from internet data collection agency Hitwise and some qualitative data of our own”):

Gaping Void
Shiny Shiny
c h r o m a s i a

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