Paid media budgets

Please indicate whether you are increasing or decreasing your 2016 paid media budgets.


Budget plans

What best describes your company’s budget plans for the following digital marketing channels or disciplines in 2016?


ROI measurement

How do you rate your ability to measure ROI from the following digital channels or disciplines?


DMP capabilities

When choosing a DMP, how important are each of the following capabilities? 


Best Practice

Cover for Programmatic Marketing: Beyond RTB

Programmatic Marketing: Beyond RTB

This report explores the new programmatic direct landscape, the implications for demand- and supply-side players, and the barriers to successful adoption of programmatic approaches. The report includes insights from key executives in ad technology, agencies, and publishers as well as daily practitioners to see where programmatic automation stands today, and where it is going.

Cover for Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising

Digital Display Advertising

This is a 49-page, comprehensive exploration of display advertising. Advertising online is a process that can involve multiple agencies and numerous technologies, all as part of a nominally creative endeavour. The guide explains and organises this world so marketers can make better decisions and increase efficiency.

Advertising supplier selection

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