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Social Media Platforms Overview

Social Media Platforms Overview

1. Introduction 1.1. About this report This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide[1], Implementing Content Strategy[2] and Digital Content Strategy Best Practice Guide[3] and Paid Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide[4]. Its purpose is to provide a snapshot of the major social media platforms and the most pressing considerations for […]

How succeeds on Pinterest

Promoted Pins have recently rolled out in the UK, having been trialled in the US since January 2015. immediately jumped aboard, extending its use of the social network that has contributed greatly to the brand’s growth.

Here’s how MADE is succeeding with Pinterest…

The new Google+ seeks the middle ground in social publishing

Google+ has had a major revamp in another effort to convince all but its most loyal users to log on.

Here’s the official announcement from the Google blog.

It strikes me that Google is seeking a middle ground between Twitter and Medium. A place that’s definitely not Facebook (in fact, it’s not really about people) but revolves around individual interests and a hunger for micro- (or macro) blogging.