Social Quarterly: Q2 2024

The latest trends, developments and statistics in social media. Stories this quarter include TikTok’s potential US ban, new AI assistant features from Meta and Snap, and the ways in which the platforms are supporting their influential users, in what has been termed ‘the creator era’.

China’s internet report shows growth in bite-size video and live commerce

In March, the China Internet Network Information Centre (or CNNIC) released the 53rd Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development Status: a comprehensive twice-yearly snapshot of digital life in China. Covering everything from device usage to China’s rural internet population, livestreaming growth to online ride-hailing, the report delves into the major trends shaping China’s internet landscape […]


14 examples of augmented reality brand experiences

Augmented reality has surged in the headlines of late with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset and Meta teasing a potential rollout of AR glasses as it marks the 10-year anniversary of its VR/AR outfit, Meta Reality Labs. If augmented reality headsets and eyewear become more commonplace, brands and entertainment companies may take the […]

Generative AI and Email Marketing

Generative AI refers to “artificial intelligence-powered tools that produce text, imagery, or video”.[1] Like other forms of AI, it uses data-led algorithms to drive decision-making without relying exclusively on human-designed rules. This chapter reviews the evolution of generative algorithms and marketers’ attitudes to the technology. It explores marketing use cases and generative AI’s role in […]

19 minute read

Fitting the Email Pieces Together

An email is like the human body: it is most effective when all of the individual parts work together instead of against each other. This chapter focuses in detail on the different elements of the email, their distinct roles, and how they can be optmised to work in tandem. The anatomy of an email The […]

13 minute read

Best Practices for Effective Email Copywriting

From crafting an effective headline to writing like a journalist, email marketers can use a number of different techniques and frameworks to write copy that persuades email subscribers to click through to web pages. Copywriting for email audiences A McKinsey study from the height of the pandemic credited Covid-19 with moving digital transformation ahead by […]

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Conversion-Focused Email Copywriting

When seeking to understand how to write good email copy, it is essential to comprehend the difference between copywriting for email and copywriting for other channels, as the concept of a conversion from email is different. Understanding that distinction is the first step towards writing more conversion-focused email copy, which this chapter addresses. Why email […]

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Copywriting for Email Marketing: A Summary

When crafting an email, the priority often lies with choosing the images and template design, rather than the words in the message. However, the copy, from the subject line to the footer at the bottom of the email, is crucial to communicating the right message. When campaigns regularly underperform, a lack of effective and persuasive […]

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