Budget plans

What best describes your company’s / clients' budget plans for content marketing in 2016?


Earned media budgets

Please indicate whether you are increasing or decreasing your 2016 digital budgets in the following areas.


Matching content to customer journey

Which of the following statements best describes how your organisation carries out marketing activities based on the customer journey?


Delivering experiences

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.


Best Practice

Cover for Implementing Content Strategy: Digital Best Practice

Implementing Content Strategy: Digital Best Practice

The Implementing Content Strategy: Digital Best Practice report provides a framework for evaluating your current content strategy and content planning processes, helping you make the most of your content in the future.

Cover for Fashion Ecommerce and Content Marketing

Fashion Ecommerce and Content Marketing

This research paper is an industry audit of the fashion ecommerce vertical, specifically of the way fashion ecommerce websites have invested in online content.

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