Does your organisation have a strategy for better using data in marketing programmes?


Role of data

How would you describe the role of data in your marketing programmes?


Most important requirements

Please rank the five most important growth / profit-related requirements for analytics for your organisation.


Investing for customer understanding

If you were to only invest in one of the following, which would be the most effective in helping you understand your customer?


Best Practice

Cover for Business Intelligence Meets Web Analytics: Breaking Down the Silos

Business Intelligence Meets Web Analytics

This report is aimed at data and web analysts, marketers, executive management and agencies that work with web analytics data and aspire to deliver more business intelligence from their investment. The report explores the growing need for a fuller view of customer behaviour and customer segmentation and, practically, how to open up a closed web analytics solution to provide a more expansive business intelligence tool.

Cover for Best Practices in Data Management

Best Practices in Data Management

This guide aims to equip marketers, publishers and agencies with the cutting-edge data techniques for supercharging advertising used by global corporation for marketing. Best Practices in Data Management is also designed for marketers on both the branding and direct response sides of the fence.

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