Measurement and attribution

Measuring the Effectiveness of Paid Search Integration

Being able to measure the performance and effectiveness of integrated marketing campaigns that combine paid search with other channels is essential for gaining an understanding of what worked, and what can be improved in future campaigns. This chapter looks at what measures to use and the toolkits, such as Google Analytics, that can help. Measuring […]

9 minute read

Web Analytics for Paid Search

Web analytics provide advertisers with the means to analyse customer behaviour and draw deep insights into usability and customer experience, which can then be applied to paid search tactics. This chapter considers the free and paid available tools and how to use them effectively, also looking at attribution modelling and reporting on paid search performance. […]

21 minute read

Measuring Email Marketing Campaigns

Knowing how to use key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics effectively is critical to a good measurement strategy. This chapter explores some of the factors that should guide the selection of metrics, and other aspects of campaign measurement. Measuring email campaigns Conversions are often referred to as ‘goals’ to include the breadth of different outcomes […]

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Measurement in Ecommerce: A Checklist

The role of data has become increasingly central to ecommerce capability, challenging businesses to adapt systems, workflows and practices to capitalise on the opportunity that rich data and understanding can bring. As machine learning becomes ever more integrated into systems, new ways of enhancing customer experience, gaining deep insights and applying personalisation at scale are […]

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Testing, Optimisation and Attribution in Ecommerce

Testing should be used throughout the customer journey to optimise against key goals and measures. This chapter provides an overview of the testing process. It includes an experimental framework to allow for continuous optimisation and outlines models for attribution – another important consideration for teams seeking to understand how much each channel contributes to ecommerce […]

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Measures Across the Customer Journey

It can be tempting for ecommerce teams to focus on metrics that are immediately identifiable as important, such as conversion rate. Yet it is important that teams recognise the role that each stage in the journey has in contributing towards not only conversion, but overall revenues and profit. This chapter outlines the most important metrics […]

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Techniques in Ecommerce Measurement

Measuring performance is clearly critical to driving success in ecommerce. With a plethora of metrics available to measure, teams should focus on the KPIs and metrics that will not only give them a comprehensive view of what is happening in the customer journey, but also enable them to test and learn, and drive performance. This […]

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Measurement in Ecommerce: A Summary

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly as businesses look to drive revenue and meet growing consumer expectations. With swiftly changing competitive, technology, market and customer contexts (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic), businesses need to respond by shaping their ecommerce operations, strategies and models in ways that satisfy contemporary customer needs. Yet they must also ensure their practices […]

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