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Being Customer-Centric with Data

Data holds the key to unlocking myriad valuable customer insights, enabling marketers to enhance various marketing tactics and strategies, make more informed decisions and ultimately connect with consumers on a more meaningful level. Gaining a deep understanding of customers The survey findings from Econsultancy’s 2021 Digital Trends Report, created in partnership with Adobe, demonstrated how […]

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Traditional consumer insights techniques are ‘utterly outdated’: founder of insights platform Zappi on digitisation

Steve Phillips is the founder and CEO of consumer insights platform Zappi. I recently caught up with with Steve to find out about his day-to-day work. He explains Zappi’s B-corp status, its company culture, and the increased digitisation of the market research industry. Tell us about your role – what does a typical day look […]

How CX analytics platforms are improving customer journeys

Digital transformation has accelerated rapidly over the past two years. According to PwC, 53% of businesses (in a survey of 1,250 global executives) have accelerated digital transformation in this time, with 57% reporting that technology has been critical to their performance.  Companies that have invested in digital technologies, processes, and behaviours in the past two […]