two wooden shelves, one short and one long, with the former above and to the right of the other, with white and clear bottles of assorted size on each, upon a light blue background

Customer Acquisition and the ‘Digital Shelf’

With the principles of persuasion now in mind, it is time to think about how to apply them to the ‘digital shelf’ in order to convert visitors to the website. First, however, it is important to consider where visitors are coming from. Customer acquisition Ecommerce revenue is driven by three key factors: visitors, conversion and […]

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Six charities with excellent online donation user journeys

We’re always talking about the ecommerce checkout process here on the blog. Features like guest checkout, progress trackers, and basket summaries – they’re all helpful for streamlining the path-to-purchase.

But what about when there’s no product at the end of it? This is the task at hand for charities, who are asking consumers to hand over their hard earned money in exchange for the promise that it will be going to a good cause. 

Six ways Aldo’s new mobile site streamlines the shopping experience

Aldo is a footwear retailer with a heavy presence in shopping centres and high streets, but while in-store revenue climbed 5% in 2016, online revenue increased by 15%.

With clear demand from online consumers, Aldo decided it was time to freshen up its digital presence, recently redesigning its online and mobile website as well as launching ecommerce in 10 additional countries.