Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Converting Demand: Key Takeaways

Ecommerce capability, strategy and execution are ever evolving. As technology continues to develop, new models, channels and possibilities are emerging, providing organisations with more options than ever for reaching, engaging and selling to consumers. As software-as-a-service models proliferate, sophisticated technology-driven capability is becoming democratised, giving businesses of all sizes access to advanced tools and changing […]

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Customer Retention, Value and Loyalty

Ecommerce teams must consider customer retention when designing experiences. The ability to retain customers makes a business more resilient, while monitoring metrics that indicate loyalty, such as average order value and customer lifetime value, can inform communication strategy, making marketing more efficient. This chapter looks at strategies for promoting customer retention, as well as how […]

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Customer Profiles and Personalisation

An understanding of the customer, including who they are, how they behave and what they seek when they visit an ecommerce site, is crucial for creating experiences that delight and convert. This chapter outlines the key considerations when it comes to customer data, including how to use and handle it in a compliant way. Customer […]

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Driving Conversions: Shopping Basket and Checkout

After the product page, the customer reaches the point of sale. This chapter outlines the most important considerations for ecommerce teams building shopping baskets and checkouts that convert. Shopping basket The shopping basket page should not place any barriers to conversion in front of the customer. It should include a detailed but easy-to-read product summary […]

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Driving Conversions: Product Pages and Content

Often the site for decision-making, the product page is one of the most important considerations for ecommerce teams. This chapter looks at best practice for putting a product page together, after considering the role of content hubs in in the customer journey. Content hubs Content clearly plays a key role in driving conversion through the […]

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Driving Conversions: Conversion Rate Optimisation

This research has so far considered the early parts of the customer’s journey online, but what exactly leads to a conversion, and what steps must brands make to optimise the conditions that drive visitors to convert? This chapter looks at conversion rate optimisation, explains how conversion rates can be calculated and considers the factors that […]

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Principles of UX and Persuasion in Ecommerce

Understanding how customers can be persuaded to move towards conversion at different points in their journey is crucial to successful UX in ecommerce. Getting to grips with the principles of persuasion and UX can provide an excellent starting point. This chapter outlines the six key principles of persuasion, set out by psychologist Dr Robert Cialdini, […]

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Creating a Value Proposition in Ecommerce

Alongside establishing a solid operational set up for ecommerce, and a clear strategy for generating demand, it is essential to convert that demand and maximise value to realise the true potential of ecommerce. This requires a coherent strategy for generating customer value propositions, an understanding of how user experience and conversion principles can be deployed […]

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Converting Demand in Ecommerce: A Summary

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly as businesses look to drive revenue and meet growing consumer expectations. With swiftly changing competitive, technology, market and customer contexts (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic), businesses need to respond by shaping their ecommerce operations, strategies and models in ways that satisfy contemporary customer needs. Yet they must also ensure their practices […]

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Econsultancy grows ecommerce elearning to 25+ courses, including new ‘Persuasion Architecture’ module

Econsultancy has today launched a new elearning course, Persuasion Architecture and Tactics for the Digital Store, adding to its Ecommerce Deep Dive learning plans, which now feature 25 courses and 12+ hours of elearning. Persuasion is a well-established concept in the worlds of user experience and conversion rate optimisation, as well as more broadly in […]