Using LinkedIn to build credibility with new customers

Getting Started – LinkedIn What type of presence is right for your brand? B2C brands have largely ignored LinkedIn, except as a recruitment and ‘employer brand’ platform.Luxury brands such as IWC Watches and Cartier have run ad campaigns targeting high net worth audiences on LinkedIn. However, there have been some recent changes that make it […]

Trends in Customer Experience

Customer experience trends in 2021: What are the experts saying? Every year Econsultancy engage our network of experts in customer experience to find out what they see on the horizon for the year ahead. So, what has been the focus for customer experience in 2021? Let’s find out… Re-evaluation of customer needs Paul Boag, User […]

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value and Why it is Important Customer lifetime value (CLV) can be defined as the total worth of a customer to a business over the entirety of their relationship and the expected profits a company can hope to gain over this period. CLV allows companies to focus on finding, nurturing and retaining customers […]

Developing Customer Journey Maps

Developing the Customer Journey Map There are a number of key stages that equally apply to ‘quick and dirty’ and more detailed and complex customer journey mapping projects. Our contributors all spoke of the following key development stages: Agree project scope, goals, objectives and deliverables Agree team and responsibilities Agree and develop personas Agree data and informational […]