van diamandakis

A day in the life of… CMO at Persado

Van Diamandakis is CMO at Persado, a martech company that, in their own words, ‘is reinventing marketing creative by applying mathematical certainty to words’. If you’re an Econsultancy subscriber, you can get an overview of AI copywriting in our handy briefing, but first things first, let’s catch up with Van to find out what his […]

Email Marketing Business Case

Need to convince your boss that email marketing is right for your company? Want to be sure you spend your budget in the best possible way? Our Business Case can help by providing research, tips and information from the experts.

12 free email marketing templates for small businesses

We love email marketing here at Econsultancy. It may not be the newest or most exciting method of driving traffic to your business but by gosh it works.

However, if it is the early days of your company you may assume that email marketing is something you might do further down the line, once you’ve grown bigger than a fold up desk in your basement.