Marketing Automation

The Future of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an established tool among data-driven marketers, and this trend looks likely to continue as estimates predict the global marketing automation market will rise from $5.2bn in 2022 to $9.5bn in 2027.[1] Increased uptake, particularly on a global level, is attributed to pushing this growth, but changes and improvements in the tools’ features […]

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Implementing Marketing Automation

Once the strategic foundations of a marketing automation approach have been laid, an organisation may progress through to implementing the strategy by following the eight steps outlined in this chapter. Set clear goals and objectives Setting clear goals on what implementing marketing automation is seeking to achieve is a crucial first step in the implementation. […]

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Laying the Strategic Groundwork for Marketing Automation

To effectively execute a marketing automation programme, it is important to spend time upfront scoping out the role marketing automation could play in an organisation. Building a clear strategic foundation makes it easier to create any necessary internal business cases and move to the next step of implementation. Building this foundation can help create an […]

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The Challenges of Marketing Automation

As with all new tools and technologies, the path to adopting marketing automation is not without challenges. Respondents to Econsultancy’s 2022 Future of Marketing survey foresee a variety of issues in implementing marketing automation, as illustrated in Figure 1. This chapter will explore this in more detail. Econsultancy’s 2022 Future of Marketing survey identified limited […]

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Why Organisations Should Use Marketing Automation

Many organisations are using marketing automation to handle tasks that would simply be too laborious or time-consuming for marketers to take on. In this way, marketing automation platforms offer major gains in efficiency, which can translate into greater benefits for the business. This chapter considers the most significant benefits offered by marketing automation, and why […]

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Defining Marketing Automation

By automating tasks that would be impossible to complete manually, organisations using marketing automation tools can free their employees to work on more creative or strategic assignments. This chapter provides a definition for marketing automation, looks at how it works within a marketing strategy and outlines the key features of marketing automation platforms. What is […]

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Marketing Automation: A Summary

Marketing automation refers to a software or set of processes that organisations can use to automate marketing actions such as sending emails, managing customer data or posting social media content that might otherwise be done manually. Marketing automation has been around since the 1990s, when the first automated email campaigns were executed. Since then, the […]

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Expanding the Use of Automation for Email Marketing

Marketing automation offers exciting possibilities for businesses that want to expand the scale and reach of their marketing activities while driving efficiency. This chapter looks at the potential of this technology for email marketing. Email marketing and automation: An overview Event-triggered emails are among the most powerful types of email messages as they are contextual, […]

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Quick Guide to Marketing Automation

This quick guide looks at the business benefits of marketing automation, including the ability to deliver personalised, omnichannel experiences to customers and improve acquisition, engagement and retention. It provides an overview of the main features offered by marketing automation platforms, and the key steps to successful implementation.