Organisational structures

Digital Marketing: Organisational Structures and Resourcing Best Practice Guide

Digital Marketing: Organisational Structures and Resourcing Best Practice Guide

1. Executive Summary The key findings from our research are: Increasing sophistication in organisational design. Our established framework and maturity model for how organisations are structuring their digital marketing capability (dispersed, centre of excellence, hub and spoke, multiple hub and spoke) remains valid, but there are some key differences emerging including more sophisticated ways of […]

Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide

Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction 1.1. About Econsultancy Econsultancy’s mission is to help its customers achieve excellence in digital business, marketing and ecommerce through research, training and events. Founded in 1999, Econsultancy has offices in New York, London and Singapore. Econsultancy is used by over 600,000 professionals every month. Subscribers get access to research, market data, best practice […]

Six lessons Immediate Media can teach you about publishing

How does a publisher move from brand engagement to an enterprise transactional model?

It all revolves around thinking like a retailer and utilising your brands to capitalise on new revenue streams.

Immediate Media is a combined publishing house formed with BBC Magazines, Magicalia and Origin, with around 70 brands.

The group has been investing in technology for a while, enabling digital elements to be added to its subscriptions, as well as integrating advertising and product sales.

The magazines are chiefly publishing special interest content, from sports to weddings etc. With 80% of Immediate’s revenue coming from selling content, it’s clear that there’s a balance to be found between product development and monetisation.

Let’s take a look in more detail…