Organisational structures

Transformation, Agility and Leadership

Against a backdrop of increased competition and changing consumer behaviour, organisations must be agile and innovative. Ensuring structures are set up to overcome barriers to change, and having the right leadership in place, is key. Barriers to change In successive iterations of this research, Econsultancy has tracked what are perceived to be the most significant […]

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Talent and Learning

As the marketing landscape evolves, it is essential to ensure digital skills and knowledge evolve with it. Marketers must keep an eye on skills gaps in teams and look for opportunities to upskill or bring new talent in. The talent challenge Recruitment, and areas of growth in resourcing The area of resourcing that the survey […]

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Insourcing/Outsourcing and Expertise

The dynamic around what marketers choose to do in-house and what they insource is another area of evolution. Marketers need to use their expert judgement when considering the best approach and skills needed for the task. Insourcing/outsourcing trends When survey respondents were asked about the balance for particular disciplines in this area, the most popular […]

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Digital Marketing Structures

There are many different dynamics affecting decisions around the best way to resource digital marketing. This chapter considers some of the key ways of structuring teams, some of the key elements influencing decisions in this area and how these dynamics have evolved over time. Size of teams Over the past decade, Econsultancy research has consistently […]

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The Changing Contexts around Resourcing

The context that marketing operates within never sits still, presenting marketers with new challenges and opportunities all the time. Marketers that know how and when to adjust structures and resourcing will be better equipped to overcome the challenges and unlock the opportunities. The pressures influencing marketing resourcing There are multiple dynamics that are influencing not […]

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Organisational Structures and Resourcing: A Summary

Econsultancy has been conducting research into digital marketing resourcing and structures for almost 10 years. This is the fourth iteration of this research and captures the latest thinking and trends in this ever-evolving area. Marketing continues to operate in a rapidly changing organisational environment as businesses of all kinds respond to evolving competitive, technology and […]

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digital marketing training

How does marketing operations make B2B organisations more efficient?

Marketing operations, or MOPS, is all about planning, process and measurement. It goes beyond project management to encompass the people, processes, technology, and data that powers a business’s overall marketing strategy. Ultimately, MOPS should make businesses more efficient and able to adapt quickly to change. Indeed, Adobe’s 2021 Digital Trends report found that B2B organisations with […]

restructuring marketing teams

HSBC, Benefit, and Zoopla on restructuring marketing teams to be future-focused  

According to Marketing Week’s Career and Salary Survey 2021, 46.3% of marketers have experienced the introduction of a new team structure over the past 12 months, while 22.6% have seen their teams merge with other departments or functions. At the Festival of Marketing, Marketing Week’s Deputy Editor, Lucy Tessaras, chaired a panel featuring Lou Bennett, […]