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Generating Demand in Ecommerce: A Checklist

Ecommerce capability, strategy and execution are ever evolving. As technology continues to develop, new models, channels and possibilities are emerging, providing organisations with more options than ever for reaching, engaging and selling to consumers. This chapter looks at how ecommerce may develop and provides a checklist as a reference for getting started. As software-as-a-service models […]

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Driving Traffic in Ecommerce

Having a sound strategy for driving traffic to an ecommerce platform means greater conversions which in turn can become further investment into the business, helping promote growth. This chapter looks at this ‘flywheel’ mechanism, as well as how to sustain it with different practical strategies. Creating flywheels for growth Jeff Bezos has articulated what he […]

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Evolving Social Commerce

Around 4.6 billion people (more than half of the world’s population) use social media,[1] with consumers spending an average of two and half hours a day on social platforms, according to Hootsuite and GlobalWebIndex.[2] As platforms explore an ever-increasing list of ways to monetise their audiences, social commerce is expanding rapidly. This chapter looks at […]

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Third-party Marketplaces

Marketplaces serve to aggregate products from multiple brands and suppliers, as well as the shoppers that are interested in buying those products. The benefits for both brands and customers typically come from the scale, range and focus that marketplaces can provide. This chapter looks at the two main different types of marketplace, as well as […]

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Direct-to-consumer (DTC) models

The barriers of entry for creating and executing a direct-to-consumer (DTC) proposition have lowered dramatically due to the wider availability of plug-and-play ecommerce platforms and a host of service providers that enable various parts of the DTC value chain, from content optimisation and personalisation through to fulfilment and managing returns. Combined with the ability to […]

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Channels for Ecommerce

Strategies for generating and fulfilling demand in ecommerce should focus on customer understanding as well as the optimal strategy for the business to maximise brand experience, sales and conversion. A key part of each of these is understanding the best routes to market and channels. This chapter looks at the different options available to brands, […]

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Shopper Occasions and Missions in Ecommerce

Customer-centric approaches in ecommerce involve considering shopper missions and occasions as well as other behavioural and psychographic signals. Viewing customer experiences through the lenses of shopper occasions and missions can give teams the benefit of good insights into shopper motivations and what will help them to find and buy the products they are looking for […]

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Segmentation and Personas for Ecommerce

Generating demand in ecommerce starts with an understanding of the customer – who they are, their behaviours and desires – as well as the journey they are likely to take. Creating segmentations and personas is a good first step to developing this understanding. This chapter looks at the different ways customers can be segmented, examples […]

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Generating Demand in Ecommerce: A Summary

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly as businesses look to drive revenue and meet growing consumer expectations. With swiftly changing competitive, technology, market and customer contexts (accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic), businesses need to respond by shaping their ecommerce operations, strategies and models in ways that satisfy contemporary customer needs. Yet they must also ensure their practices […]

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Will Search Generative Experience (SGE) really transform web search?

The date for a full roll-out of Google’s Search Generated Experience (SGE) is currently unknown. With the thorny issue of hallucinations and publishers potentially feeling alienated, not to mention generative AI not proving to be a major winner in search for rival Microsoft, what’s next for SGE?

Econsultancy’s digital and marketing trends for 2024

We’ve published a list of digital and marketing trends every January at Econsultancy for well over a decade, and have been training marketers for the better part of 20 years. Looking back at some of our annual predictions since 2010, three types of trend stand out: Trends that feel nostalgic, ideas that quickly became amusing […]