SEO Measurement Tools

SEOs have a wide variety of tools available to them for drawing insights about website performance. This chapter provides a list of the most commonly used analytics tools. It does not give a comparison of the tools, or recommendations of which ones to use, as the right tools will depend on the needs of the […]

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SEO Testing and Optimisation

What is the optimal design and content for a new landing page? How can a marketer guarantee that it has the best copy for its products to delight visitors and persuade them to convert? Testing is a proven technique for learning how to optimise web content and pages to improve KPI performance. This chapter outlines […]

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SEO Analysis

The purpose of analysis is to give context to the data being collected. Analysis requires a mix of skills and disciplines and requires care and attention. It is about compiling all relevant sources of data, interrogating them and piecing together the jigsaw to translate the raw information into genuine insights. This chapter outlines how to […]

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SEO Reporting

Reporting is a key part of an SEO practitioner’s workload and an important way to communicate the impact that SEO campaigns are having on the business. This chapter outlines the steps SEOs need to take to create effective reports for different stakeholders. Defining requirements When building reports for the company, bear in mind that these […]

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Ecommerce and Non-Ecommerce Tracking

Different companies will have slightly different goals for their websites, depending on the nature of their business. For example, while an online retailer will be aiming to secure sales, a B2B will more likely be looking to generate leads. This chapter outlines the different ways ecommerce and non-ecommerce sites track activity, and how SEOs can […]

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SEO Measurement

When it comes to being a smarter online marketer, it is necessary to start thinking beyond SEO, particularly when it comes to analytics. Even professionals whose jobs are focused on SEO can learn from other channels and the data these channels provide. This chapter and the chapters that follow cover the essentials around measurement and […]

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Acting on Benchmarking and Auditing in SEO

Once the benchmarking and auditing of the company’s current situation has been carried out, the key performance indicators (KPIs) have been established and return on investment (ROI) calculated, it is time to build a plan based around business goals and audit weaknesses or gaps. This chapter outlines the steps search marketers should take after performing […]

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Auditing in SEO

A website audit is an analysis of the known factors that can affect a website’s visibility across various search engines. This chapter outlines how search marketers can carry out website audits as well as the factors they should examine in their audit. What is auditing? An audit will look at a variety of measurements, including […]

9 minute read

Benchmarking in SEO

Benchmarking is the process of measuring the performance of a company’s traffic, conversions or processes against those of either another business that is the best in its field, or against a group of businesses whose specific KPIs have been measured, grouped, analysed and standardised. Benchmarking a company’s performance against an external measure may seem challenging, […]

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Implementing the Landing Page Strategy

This guide cannot cover everything that is needed to optimise every possible landing page for every possible strategic outcome. Getting the maximum value from traffic is likely to be cost- and time-prohibitive, even for the largest businesses. However, by following the principles covered in the guide and examining the webpages that deliver the most volume […]

12 minute read

Landing Page Testing

Every landing page must firstly assist conversion and secondly provide valuable content, no matter where it appears in the user’s journey. This chapter describes different methods of testing the performance of landing pages. Testing and experimentation This guide has outlined an overall approach on what to investigate, what to consider for identifying opportunities and how […]

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