Social Quarterly: Q2 2024

The latest trends, developments and statistics in social media. Stories this quarter include TikTok’s potential US ban, new AI assistant features from Meta and Snap, and the ways in which the platforms are supporting their influential users, in what has been termed ‘the creator era’.

Establishing a Presence on Social Media: Benefits and Considerations

The social media landscape is ever evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities for brands using social media as a key marketing and communications channel. This chapter considers the different ways in which businesses can use social media to connect with audiences for a range of purposes, along with the business benefits and the key questions […]

14 minute read

Social Media Strategy: A Checklist

The purpose of this guide is to ensure that organisations fully understand the scope, opportunities, risks and the required investment of time, effort and budget to create a sustainable and effective social media strategy. This chapter outlines the key steps for marketers looking to create and launch a social media strategy that is right for […]

4 minute read

Measurement in Social Media

There is the very real danger of option paralysis when measuring social media. The sheer amount of data that is available from the platforms for organic posts and paid advertising can be overwhelming. As the number of social platforms increases and alternative metrics are created for newer content formats and ad formats, this problem is […]

27 minute read

Aligning Social with Content Strategy

For those organisations that have not clearly defined their content strategy, social media will continue to be a place where content is published with limited focus, and therefore, limited success. This chapter looks at how brands can achieve campaign goals by defining a focus for their content, before summarising the legal considerations marketers in social […]

14 minute read

Activity Planning in Social Media

When planning social media activities, bear in mind that the activity should mirror any strategic element of the business. Many organisations use existing marketing and communications planning processes to develop their social media activity. This chapter looks at the ten steps brands should take to develop their social media activity, from research and planning through […]

19 minute read

Organising Resources for Social Media

So far, this guide has outlined the many ways social media can be transformative for brands, but what exactly does it take to get a social strategy up and running? This chapter summarises the resources, policies and processes brands should have in place to thrive on social media. In 2013, Altimeter reviewed the operating models […]

23 minute read

Approaches to Social Listening

With social listening, marketers can manage risk, uphold brand reputation and create content that better resonates with the audience. This chapter outlines the key considerations for marketers engaging in social listening. Reputation and risk management Social media has had a huge impact on brand and organisational communications and has led to a total transformation of […]

21 minute read