Three ways the iPhone X will change CX in travel & tourism

Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone X.

CEO Tim Cook stated the device is “the future of the smartphone,” and it’s clear the iPhone X (pronounced “ten”) offers the most significant update to the iPhone family in years, with edge-to-edge OLED display, facial recognition capabilities and an aptitude for augmented reality. 

How shopping malls are enticing consumers offline

I recently listened in on a meeting of Econsultancy’s Digital Advisory Board – attended by an invite-only group of C-Suite marketers.

As you might expect from the group (which included people from a number of different industries) – the subject matter was varied. However, one thing that particularly stood out to me was the topic of consumer loyalty. 

How Maserati uses influencers to drive its Instagram strategy

While some automotive brands focus on nostalgia, others capitalise on user-generated content. But whatever the approach, many are recognising the power of using Instagram to attract and engage car enthusiasts.

With its takeover campaign, Maserati is one brand that’s been taking a different tack. Instead of simply partnering with influencers on a one-off or short term basis, it has relinquished control of its account to a different influencer each month since it launched.