Community Management

Start Me Up! Qutee, a data-driven discussion platform

This week it’s the turn of Qutee, a data-driven discussion platform that provides insight into audience conversation.

Here’s Tim Wilson, co-founder and CEO, to tell us about the highs and lows of building a tech startup.

Three social media lessons from WWF’s Earth Hour

On March 31st this year, 2.4m people across the globe took action against climate change. 

Some turned off their mobile phones, while others organised community events. But whether large or small, each action was in support of Earth Hour – WWF’s annual event to raise awareness of environmental issues.

How TfL’s community managers engage with London’s cyclists

Community Management is an increasingly important role for many big brands. For Transport for London Cycling – where social media is at the forefront of a user-facing strategy – this has never been more pertinent. 

I recently spoke with Matt Moran, TfL’s Online Community Manager for Cycling, to find out more about his role and how TfL is using social to engage with London’s cyclists.