Digital Transformation

The week in digital transformation: Argos on Google Home & the ROI of transformation

Welcome to The Week in Digital Transformation, our regular round-up of the most interesting news, research, and developments from the front line of the digital revolution.

This week has seen Argos win the title of the first UK retailer to adopt voice commerce, plus the publication of two illuminating sets of research on digital transformation, by Gartner and Nintex, respectively.

The week in digital transformation: voice-enabled government, digital NHS & IT managers under pressure

Welcome to The Week in Digital Transformation, our regular round-up of the most interesting news, ideas and research from the past week to shed light on the mysterious process of “digital transformation”.

This week, the UK government is getting on board with voice in a bid to make government accessible in new ways, and one of the largest NHS trusts in the UK is creating its own electronic patient records system to deliver integrated healthcare.

The week in digital transformation: Volkwagen joins the sharing economy & Coca-Cola transcends reality

Welcome to The Week in Digital Transformation, a regular round-up where we look back on the most interesting ideas, announcements and developments in the realm of digital transformation over the past week.

This week’s instalment is packed with big names, as Coca-Cola, Volkswagen and Manchester United are all doubling down on digital transformation in different ways. Coca-Cola wants to use AR to go beyond reality, Volkswagen is joining the sharing economy, and Man United has unveiled a gleaming new app and website as part of its broader transformation strategy.

How top-performing digital companies use “product thinking” to succeed [Stats]

In order for companies to succeed in the age of digital transformation, it is not only critical to be able to design, build and maintain digital tools and platforms, but also to support those tools with the right way of thinking.

Some businesses are achieving this by combining product development techniques from the world of software development with a start-up mindset, an approach known as “product thinking”.