Let me start by saying that social media isn’t all about collecting the most fans and followers. Having 1m ‘likes’ means nothing if you aren’t engaging with them in some way other than spouting marketing messages.

But even so, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to look at which brands have managed to build the biggest following across the major social networks.

The latest update of eDigitalResearch’s Social Media Benchmark assesses how more than 100 of the UK’s top retail organisations by revenue are using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and how successful they have been.

Here’s a summary of some of the results…

Facebook fans

The top 10 is mostly unchanged since the last eDigital report, although Amazon has continued to add Facebook fans at a rapid rate and now claims second spot behind Topshop.

Amazon has added almost 1.5m fans since the summer, which is attributed to the fact that it has integrated more visible social media links across its website and also invested heavily in sponsored stories in the past few months.

The report also looks at engagement levels of the top retailers, with the results showing that Friday is the most popular day to post content. In general brands still neglect to update their accounts over the weekend.

eDigitalResearch also measured the ‘Talking about’ numbers, comparing the data to retailers’ fan numbers.

Top performing Amazon has the highest ‘Talking about’ figure, however Net-A-Porter and Asda both have higher than average ‘Talking about’ numbers in comparison to their fans. 

‘Talking about’ numbers  

Twitter followers

Fashion retailers continue to dominate the top half of the table, with Topshop remaining the most followed brand ahead of ASOS and Net-A-Porter.

Asda made the biggest improvement, moving four places up the league table to 13th position, matching their improvement in the Facebook league table. 

Similar to their Facebook pages, many brands are neglecting their Twitter accounts over weekend periods. Wednesdays and Fridays are, on average, the most popular days to post.

Google+ circles

Top of the table All Saints and ASOS have both broken through the 1m follower barrier on Google+ in the past three months.

The top performers on G+ have far more followers than the brands at the top of the Twitter league table, however the drop off on G+ is far more extreme.

For example, Dorothy Perkins ranks 20th in the G+ table with just 224 followers while Waitrose is 20th for Twitter followers with 32,790. 

Pinterest followers

Topman dominates the Pinterest league table with three times more followers than ASOS in second place. Fashion retailers tend to perform best on Pinterest due to the site’s focus on image-based content.

Ocado is the only supermarket or food brand that makes the top 20, which is surprising as cookery and food content tends to be quite popular on Pinterest.

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