Toyota has launched the social media arm of its recent Outsmart Life campaign for the Yaris, with rapper Gadget. 

Consumers can have their own personalised video created for them by Gadget and Slick, the puppet which was featured in a previous Toyota Yaris campaign. 

The campaign aims to engage a younger target audience, and ties in with its Gadget Guy and other ads for the Yaris. 

Submissions from the public on their daily annoyances will be taken via the Twitter hashtag #outsmartlive and Toyota’s Facebook page

From 12 January, Gadget and Slick will write, perform and film a personalised response to the best answers that will be sent to the entrant and added to Facebook and Youtube. 

According to Lisa Fielden, Brand and Digital Marketing Manager at Toyota:

The ‘Gadget Guy’ TV creative has been a big hit for the all new Yaris, and has made an impact in the conversations of our target audience. The shout out campaign takes this a step further, giving them a great piece of content that is both fun and sharable, while reinforcing the clever and pioneering features of the all new Yaris.