A one-day workshop covering the principles of data analytics, focusing on digital marketing, and a practical approach to delivering meaningful data analytics to your organization.


Data analytics is becoming increasingly important for marketers.  Whether it’s reviewing web logs, measuring social media engagement, or conducting user surveys, being able to analyse data is a critical skill for effective marketing.

And the value of high-quality data analysis extends beyond the marketing department. If we expect companies to keep investing in marketing strategies, then we need to be able to access, analyse, and present data in a way which makes sense to the business.

The discipline of data analytics provides the framework for ensuring that the data you collect, transform, and analyse delivers a picture which both communicates the value of what you do and make sense to others at your firm.

3 Free Econsultancy Report Credits (USD 895/report) for every course participant!

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Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those in digital marketing and/or website management who are responsible for analysing customer behaviour and business objectives. You may also be a marketing manager or agency account manager who needs to apply data analytics to build a case for investment in the marketing activities you are responsible for.

What will I learn?

This one-day course contains 5 main modules, and includes case studies and discussions about marketing data analytics.

Analytics Strategy

  • The reason for analytics
  • Segments and cohorts
  • Analytics frameworks
  • Overcoming obstacles

Digital Marketing Metrics

  • Content
  • Search
  • Social Media
  • Audience
  • Engagement

Analytics Ecosystem

  • Analytics tools
  • Tag management
  • Touchpoint analytics

Marketing Attribution

  • Attribution models
  • Modelling vs execution
  • Interpreting results

Testing and Reporting

  • A/B and Multi-variate testing
  • Applying statistics
  • Reporting results