The way consumers perceive brands has changed. The new paradigm for brands is about being real and authentic and delivering amazing customer experiences. In a digital age where brands no longer have control, this timely and relevant course provides the learnings you need to effectively communicate with a very savvy customer and win their trust. This is about how Dollar Shave Club built a 1Billion dollar brand and how Oreo a 100-year-old brand continues to be the most talked about brand on social media and how Old Spice transformed into the coolest brand on the planet!

This 2-day intensive course is designed to give you a total understanding of how to build a compelling and relevant brand that resonates with customers in the digital age and effectively differentiates you and fast tracks your growth.

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This is a comprehensive course structured for marketing/branding professionals and business owners who have a basic to mid level understanding of brand building. The course walks you through the new concept of building authentic, real and transparent brands that speak ‘with’ and not ‘to’ customers.

The modules cover and in-depth understanding of brand building from having true purpose and vision and aligning this with customer benefits and creating trust through relevant brand promises and values.

The course also covers brand positioning and creating a brand story and brand culture to set you apart from the competition and build a strong culture and foundation for your business.

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Who should attend?

Marketing/ branding professionals and business owners eager to learn about building a strong and relevant brand or how to transform an existing brand to resonate with today’s savvy customer and grow their business.

How will I benefit?

On completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of why the traditional way of brand building isn’t relevant in today’s connected digital economy
  • Understand what construes a brand
  • Learn what consumers expect from brands today and how they interact with brands
  • Understand how to position your brand to differentiate yourself in today’s highly competitive marketplace
  • Comprehend how to craft a brand essence document that covers purpose, vision, mission, brand values, positioning, brand personality/voice and brand culture
  • Effectively create on-brand messages and content relevant to your customers

Course fee: SGD1,600/pax
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3 Free Econsultancy Report Credits (USD 895/report) for every course participant!

What will I learn?


The 2-day course is packed with interactive ‘hands-on’ group practical activities, best practices with current examples and relevant case studies, videos and instructor’s personal experience stories.

The 6 modules offer comprehensive learnings as follows:

  1. Brand fundamentals
  • What is a brand and brand equity
  • How people purchase goods and services today and what do they really care about
  • What is brand perception
  • How are brand perceptions formed in today’s digital connected world
  • Why is building a brand important
  1. The need for having purpose
  • What is purpose and why is this important in today’s world
  • The difference between purpose and vision & mission
  • Writing a purpose/vision/mission statement
  • Understand the impact of having a strong and meaningful purpose
  • Understanding what business you are really in and why this matters                     
  1. Brand promise
  • What are brand promises
  • Why are brand promises important
  • How to effectively craft customer-centric brand promises
  • Understand why today’s customers care about brand promises
  1. Brand personality and voice

      Understand the essence of brand personality and voice and why are they important

  • How brands differentiate through their unique personality
  • How to determine your unique brand voice
  • How to execute your brand personality
  1. Brand positioning and brand story
  • Why having a unique positioning is important in today’s highly competitive market
  • Understanding and crafting a positioning statement
  • Crafting and articulating your unique brand story
  • How to consistently tell your brand story across channels
  1. Creating a brand culture
  • Understand what is brand culture and why is this important to have one
  • Understand the elements needed to create a successful brand culture
  • Understand how today’s successful brands have built their unique culture
  • Learn how today’s customers relate to your brand culture



Ashok Miranda

Senior Trainer

Ashok is a Business Transformation Architect. As a Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Coach, he helps businesses transform to reach their full potential and successfully navigate in today’s complex and challenging environment. 

He has deep corporate brand building experience and has built strong brands across Asia for leading multi-national media companies; Walt Disney Television Asia and Sony Pictures. 

Ashok has won 43 international and regional awards for creative and marketing excellence. He has designed and architected several ‘wow’ customer and affiliate event experiences regionally with Disney and Sony Pictures that have set the industry bar in excellence.

He has created several proprietary products and processes for startups and SME’s in the areas of company culture, branding, digital inbound marketing and customer experience.

Ashok is a thought leader and much sought-after speaker. He speaks regularly at Industry events, conferences and seminars and at universities including NUS, SMU and SIM and at the Singapore Chambers of Commerce. 

Ashok is passionate about training and making an impact on businesses big and small. Over a thousand executives, leaders, founders and business owners across the region have benefitted from his myriad workshops and master classes. 

His vast global experience, engaging style, highly relevant content and compelling storytelling ability, makes him an exceptional and unique trainer in the market. His training sessions impart immense value to the participants and deliver a novel learning experience they never forget.

Tutor for: Brand Building in the Digital Age Masterclass – Singapore, Mastering Customer Experience (CX) Management in the Digital Age