Content Marketing for Web, Mobile and Social Media - Malaysia Training


Brands are increasingly turning to content driven marketing strategies to gain marketplace attention and increase customer engagement in a multi-channel environment. For your marketing to be effective in 2015 and beyond, you will need to provide content that's useful to your customers and that advances your business objectives in a measurable way. It is also vital to create high engagement by building and maintaining a community around your content. 

The discipline of content marketing provides the framework for ensuring that your content delivers on these essential requirements across all relevant traditional and digital platforms. In addition to covering the basic principles of content marketing, this 3-day workshop seeks to address the challenges of marketers in developing a content strategy and help marketers to create a realistic and sustainable content plan.


A 2-day workshop covering the principles of content marketing for online and mobile channels and a practical approach to develop a sustainable content marketing strategy.

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Who should attend?

Marketers, senior managers, communications professionals and business owners who want to understand the impact of content marketing on their business. 

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of content marketing and how it fits into the overall marketing mix. 
  • Understand the shift in approach from interruptive advertising to branded content
  • Learn to research and understand your audience, and create compelling content to the right target audience at the right time and place
  • Understand the customer decision journey and content to infuse the right content
  • Use world-class frameworks to create your content strategy and plans
  • Learn how to measure the success of your content marketing plans

Course Fee: RM2,600/pax + 6%GST (HRDF Claimable)
(Register 2 participants or more to apply RM2,300 per pax + 6%GST)

FREE 3 Report Credits (WORTH USD695/report) for every course participant!

What will I learn?

This robust 2-day course contains 10 main modules, and includes real life case studies and relevant role plays for you to work through.

Module 1: Introduction to Content Marketing

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • The role of content marketing in a multi-channel marketing world
  • The shift from selling to educating and entertaining - content as marketing
  • Content in relation to the 6Ps of marketing

Module 2: Business Objectives and User-Centred Content

  • Understanding your business objectives for content marketing
  • Researching your audience - what are their goals and objectives
  • Identifying key user journeys and touch points, and creating compelling content for your target segments at the right time and right place
  • Exercise: planning a clear business objectives for content marketing

Module 3: Brand Storytelling and Branded Content

  • The concept of the Uninvited Brand
  • Content marketing starts with a great story
  • Brand storytelling - the role of branding and the concept of storytelling
  • Branded content versus traditional advertising approach

Module 4: Content Marketing for Multiple Online and Traditional Channels, Devices and Context

  • Planning an effective content strategy across traditional channels, online media, social media and mobile
  • Channel considerations - platforms, sizes, formats, time of day
  • Integrated marketing approach for distributing content across traditional and new digital channels

Module 5: Content Marketing Strategy

  • The Content Grid framework and other approaches
  • The 5S of content marketing (Searchable, Shareable, Sustainable, Specialist, Supportive)
  • Planning for content creation, scheduling and management

Module 6: The Challenges and Considerations in Content Marketing

  • Your limited resources, and outsourcing or in-house 
  • Planning your content marketing budget
  • How to successfully co-ordinate across different departments

Module 7: Measuring Success, KPIs and ROI

  • Are your content marketing plans supporting your business objectives?
  • Measuring success - analytics and KPIs
  • Hard vs Soft metrics, Long term vs Short term metrics

Module 8: Special Content Marketing Topic - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • SEO and content marketing
  • On-page search engine optimisation: researching and using keywords
  • Off-page search engine optimisation: link building and PR

Module 9: Special Content Marketing Topic - Social Media and Social Web

  • The impact of social media on marketing and PR
  • Key channels: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and others
  • Principles for increasing engagement and driving results on social media
  • Building the right profile and increasing followers, friends and contacts

Module 10: Conclusions and Action Plans

  • Building a realistic, sustainable and effective content marketing strategy
  • The future trends
  • Inspirational content marketing case studies