Digital Leadership Workshop Training


The workshop is designed for senior leaders, covering key areas of digital transformation, strategies, digital innovation and organisational culture. The day is highly interactive and is designed to challenge, inform, and inspire.


Introduction - Setting the Scene

Why digital transformation is necessary, and some key concepts and themes to frame the workshop

  • The context for digital transformation
  • Why digital disrupts, the nature of digital disruption, and how digital ‘rewires’ entire markets
  • Key digital trends and the impact on businesses and markets

The Digital Consumer, and User-centricity

Focusing on shifts in consumer behaviour, changing consumption patterns and what these mean for brands, the importance of customer-centricity, strategies for putting the customer at the heart, user-centred design principles

  • Trends in consumer behaviour
  • Customer-centric approaches and strategies; aligning strategies around the needs of the digital consumer
  • Principles of effective audience definition to inform strategies
  • Customer journeys and customer journey mapping
  • Principles and thinking around user-centred design 

Digital Transformation and the Agile Organisation

Developing an understanding of the rationale for digital transformation, and key models for change

  • Defining digital transformation and organisational change
  • Models for digital transformation and organisational change
  • How agile culture and principles can bring benefit beyond the tech team
  • Organising for success: latest trends in resourcing for digital, the power of small teams to deliver big results, empowering innovation through small teams
  • Talent in a digital world: challenges and opportunities to talent acquisition and retention, managing great digital talent, the importance of key skills areas

Digital Innovation Principles and Practices

Approaches to digital innovation, learnings from the technology power players, using innovation as a catalyst for transformation and building organisational momentum 

  • Approaches to risk and experimentation
  • From episodic to continuous innovation
  • Using customer journey mapping to inform innovation
  • Digital-native innovation processes: test and learn embedded in organisational practice, developing feedback loops, principles of Lean working 
  • Digital-native innovation principles/practices: MVP, simple prototyping, growth hacking, network effects, key metrics for success
  • How Lean can empower innovation but also build organisational momentum 

Developing a Digital Organisational Culture

What is digital organisational culture? Key attributes and how to nurture and grow them. Creating the environment for change, innovation and success

  • Defining the key characteristics of digital organisational culture
  • Building, nurturing and protecting a digital culture
  • The importance of purpose and vision
  • The ‘learning organisation’ and the balance between vision and iteration
  • The ingredients for a digital-native culture: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

The Effective Digital Leader

Is leadership itself changing in response to the challenges brought by the digital environment?

  • How is leadership changing in the digital world?
  • Defining the key attributes of the digital-native leader – what qualities are key to success
  • Examples from leaders of exceptional digital-native organisations and technology power players
  • Exercise: Delegates undertake an exercise to determine key approaches that they will personally change

Who should attend?

The workshop is ideal for senior leaders wishing to gain a better understainding of:

  • How digital disrupts markets, the imperative for digital transformation and an introduction to some key digital approaches/concepts including user-centricity, digital brand ecosystems, importance of digital content, UX and customer experience, and the creation of value in a digital world.
  • Principles and practices of user-centric strategies and approaches and how they can be applied for wider business benefit 
  • Importance of digital transformation, organisational change models, latest thinking in digital resourcing, skills, and talent, principles and practices around agile ways of working
  • Approaches to innovation, the digital mind-set for success, key digital innovation concepts, processes and practices, and how they might be used to accelerate momentum
  • How to recognise, encourage and embed a digital-native culture
  • Effective leadership in the digital world

We are a registered provider with the CPD Standards Office. Delegates completing this course may be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance, which can be used within their formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.