Marketing Copywriting 101 Training


Most marketers need to create copy, handle content, and apply the right tone of voice. But lots never had any writing training. Spend a day getting back to writing basics. You’ll learn ten techniques to boost the quality of your copywriting. You’ll learn to be a better editor and give better feedback to agencies. And you’ll learn how to apply the right tone of voice to your copy (or someone else’s).

No need to bring your laptop. We’ll be working with paper and pencil. (Remember them?)


One-day course, blending presentation, discussion, exercises and pair-and-group-work.

We’ll cover ten tools for improving your copywriting – including picking pronouns, switching formal phrases for normal, swapping nouns for verbs and stripping out unnecessary adjectives.

We’ll practice the inverted pyramid structure. We’ll practise headline and sub-headline writing to draw attention. And we’ll look at techniques drawn from novelists and screenplay writers to get the right tone – and more personality – into your writing. Lastly, we’ll put it all into practice on a piece of your own copy, where we’ll also learn techniques for giving better feedback.

Everyone who comes gets a free eConsultancy report worth £600, too. You’ll be able to pick from over 500 subjects, covering in-depth best practice advice, market data and the latest digital trends.

Who should attend?

Anyone in a marketing job, at any level. Very few people are given the time to think about how to improve their own writing, because of the demands of their day jobs. This course will give all marketers a much better understanding of the foundation principles of good copywriting – whether their job is online, DM, advertising, sales enablement or any other discipline.

Junior or mid-weight copywriters or editors keen to hone their skills in a challenging but safe environment should also sign up for this course.

How will I benefit?

After the Marketing Copywriting 101 course, you’ll be able to:

  1. write better marketing copy, more likely to generate results
  2. write clearer briefs for your agencies
  3. better critique creative work, and give more constructive feedback on it
  4. more clearly understand and apply the right tone of voice to your copy
  5. enjoy your writing process more.

What will I learn?

After the course, you’ll leave with:

  1. honed general marketing and creative writing skills
  2. boosted language confidence and abilities
  3. sharpened brief-writing and reviewing techniques
  4. practical tools to use to check over and improve any piece of writing – quickly
  5. techniques for more effectively structuring your marketing copy
  6. a better grasp of tone of voice in your own and others’ writing.



Jon Hawkins

Founder, Honk

Jon is one of the most experienced brand language strategists in the UK. He has a Masters in Creative Writing and spent ten years as a copywriter. He headed BT Group's tone of voice programme – growing it into the world's biggest brand language campaign, training 25,000 people, winning awards and saving £millions. Now he uses this rare mix of skills and experience to help organisations find and exploit the right language for them. Recently he's worked with Ermenegildo Zegna, Openreach, Groupe Chantelle and Dimension Data. 

Tutor for: Copy that Means Business, Marketing Copy and Behavioural Economics, Marketing Copywriting 101