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9:00am 16th August – 5:00pm August 17 2018
Marketing Institute of Singapore (Anson Road), Singapore, Singapore
Ashok Miranda
2 days

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Quite simply, without customers you don’t have a business. Winning customers today has a become a lot more complicated as people have changed the way they buy goods and services.

Research indicates that typically 80% of your business comes from 20% of your loyal customers.

But in today’s customer controlled world, earning loyalty is a real challenge.  This is because we are dealing with a very smart and discerning customer who is looking for immense value, has very high expectations and hyper researching everything.

Yet, innovative and smart businesses have created customer experience formulas that work extremely well for them. Zappos, Disney, Airbnb, Virgin, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Hubspot among others continue to deliver amazing experiences and drive sales.

This unique and insightful course teaches you how successful companies design and deliver amazing customer experiences (CX). It gives you an insider view and highly effective tips and tricks to deliver amazing experiences at every brand touch point to win and retain your customers.


This is a comprehensive course structured for marketing/branding professionals and business owners who have a basic to mid level understanding of customer experience (CX). The course walks you through new concept and ideas of creating ‘wow’ and amazing customer experiences and engage the mind of today’s smart and savvy customers.

The modules cover and in-depth understanding of customer purchase psychology and customer journeys in the digital age.

It provides a blueprint with proven techniques to create amazing customer experiences across all your brand touch-points. This empowers your customers to make purchase decisions faster and stay ultra-loyal to you, driving repeat business.

Who should attend?

Customer service, marketing/ branding professionals and business owners eager to learn about today’s savvy customer and how to create amazing and ‘wow’ customer experiences to grow their business.

How will I benefit?

On completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Align your customer experience with your company values
  • Understand the mind of today’s savvy and smart customer, how and why they buy
  • Deciphering your customer persona and emotional triggers
  • Understanding and designing the customer digital experience journey
  • 3 aspects of onsite customer experience
  • The 6 Pillar customer experience model
  • The Disney theme park experience formula
  • Building a service culture
  • Handling customer complaints in the digital world
  • How to create ultra-loyal customers to drive return business

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Venue: Marketing Institute of Singapore (Anson Road), Singapore, Singapore

Course Fee: SGD 1,600/pax
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What will I learn?

The 2-day course is packed with interactive ‘hands-on’ group practical activities, best practices with current examples and relevant case studies, videos and instructor’s personal experience stories.

The 4 modules offer in-depth learnings as follows:

(1) Overview and aligning customer experience with company values

  • How buying psychology has changed today
  • Customer expectations and experience in the digital age
  • Aligning company purpose, vision and operating values and principles with customer expectations
  • Examples and benefits of superior customer experience

(2) Understanding today’s customers and their purchase journey

  • Deciphering your customer personas
  • Mapping the customer journey and identifying brand touchpoints
  • How to add value and ‘wow’ at each touchpoint
  • Understanding customer lifetime value                        

(3) Designing and enhancing your customers’ experience

  • Overview of user centric design and digital experience
  • Three aspects of on-site customer experience
  • The A.P.P.L.E. CX experience
  • The Six Pillar model
  • The Disney 6 step theme park experience process

(4) Ongoing Customer Experience Management

  • Handling customer complaints in the digital age
  • Tools for measuring and reporting results
  • Building a Service Culture
  • Creating customer ‘love’ for your brand
  • Creating your service manifesto



Ashok Miranda

Senior Trainer

Ashok is a Business Transformation Architect. As a Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Coach, he helps businesses transform to reach their full potential and successfully navigate in today’s complex and challenging environment. 

He has deep corporate brand building experience and has built strong brands across Asia for leading multi-national media companies; Walt Disney Television Asia and Sony Pictures. 

Ashok has won 43 international and regional awards for creative and marketing excellence. He has designed and architected several ‘wow’ customer and affiliate event experiences regionally with Disney and Sony Pictures that have set the industry bar in excellence.

He has created several proprietary products and processes for startups and SME’s in the areas of company culture, branding, digital inbound marketing and customer experience.

Ashok is a thought leader and much sought-after speaker. He speaks regularly at Industry events, conferences and seminars and at universities including NUS, SMU and SIM and at the Singapore Chambers of Commerce. 

Ashok is passionate about training and making an impact on businesses big and small. Over a thousand executives, leaders, founders and business owners across the region have benefitted from his myriad workshops and master classes. 

His vast global experience, engaging style, highly relevant content and compelling storytelling ability, makes him an exceptional and unique trainer in the market. His training sessions impart immense value to the participants and deliver a novel learning experience they never forget.

Tutor for: Mastering Customer Experience (CX) Management - Singapore


Marketing Institute of Singapore (Anson Road)

Telephone: 6327 7588

51 Anson Road

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Course Details

9:00am 16th August – 5:00pm August 17 2018
Marketing Institute of Singapore (Anson Road), Singapore, Singapore
Ashok Miranda
2 days

This course is run in partnership with ClickAcademy Asia.

You will be taken to their website to complete your booking.

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