Online Copywriting Workshop - Singapore Training


A one-day course that enables you to start making immediate, practical improvements to your online copy. 


Online copy remains an essential part of brand marketing.  Websites, online advertising, blog posts, social media updates, and company white papers all require well-structured and concise copy, each with their own best practices.

Our best-selling online copywriting course includes instruction and hands-on exercises to help you communicate, persuade and sell more effectively across all online channels.  We’ll show you copywriting techniques that can boost the performance of your web pages and help you write about complicated subjects using simple language.

Our one-day course will enable you to start making immediate, practical improvements to your online copy.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in online copy would benefit from this course – particularly if you’re responsible for your organisation’s tone of voice and/or want to make your copy more concise.

On previous courses, we've worked with stakeholders at all levels including business owners, marketing & website managers, project managers and content editors. 

How will I benefit?

You will:

  • Understand how people read online
  • Write more effective online copy
  • Feel confident evaluating online copy
  • Improve your writing for search engines and social media
  • Be able to combat writer's block effectively

Course Fee: SGD$ 940/pax
(Early bird 15% discount @ SGD$ 799/pax applies for registration and payment 1 month before course intake)
FREE 3 Report Credits (worth USD695/report) for every course participant!

What will I learn?

Part 1: Overview of online copywriting

  • How do people read online?
  • Online content types
  • The writing process

Part 2: Assembling your tools

  • Best Practices for writing for the web
  • Writing with style and good grammar
  • Define your audience
  • Finding your voice
  • Telling a story

Part 3: Putting the tools into practice

  • Writing for your company
    o   Marketing material
    o   Blog
    o   Newsletters
    o   Social media updates
  • Writing for search engines
  • Evaluating writing
  • Overcoming writers block