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The Econsultancy Online Classroom provides all the advantages of our face-to-face training, with the added benefit of a flexible, online format that allows you to learn wherever you are.

Accessible now as an upgrade to the Econsultancy subscription.

How to access

How it works

Based on our most popular training course, Fast Track Digital Marketing, the Online Classroom features a selection of up-to-the minute video modules and live, interactive Q&A sessions with our dedicated, expert trainer, Michelle Goodall.

The modules are delivered on a responsive platform with the ability to track progression in your own personalised dashboard. Users will be provided with the latest digital marketing insight and advice, along with interactive quizzes and recommendations for further learning, which are fully integrated with the rest of the Econsultancy subscription.

Get insight and advice from our expert practitioner


12 engaging video training sessions.

Test and benchmark your knowledge


Each module contains quizzes to help you measure your knowledge as you go, while managers can review the progression of their entire team.

Measure your success


A final exam provides a sense of achievement and helps you measure knowledge.

More than just a pat on the back


Every user will receive a certificate on completion, 18 hours of CPD accreditation and a LinkedIn badge.

Who is it for?


Digital Practitioners

Put your current skills into context or learn how different digital channels and disciplines fit together.


Senior marketers and business leaders

Gain a well-rounded understanding of the digital landscape that can be used to help shape your strategy.


Career movers

Explore new areas of digital marketing and how your current skills might transfer.



Be introduced to key digital concepts and learn practical techniques to use straight away.

Fast Track Online is a great place to start your digital marketing training. It gives marketers a complete overview of the digital marketing landscape including all the essential disciplines and how they fit together.

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The Online Classroom in a nutshell

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Get up to speed with all things digital.

12 engaging video modules. 1 exam. 18 Accredited CPD Hours.

Giving you comprehensive coverage, each topic is made up of a number of modules, guiding you through the basics of all things digital. We know how fast the market is moving, so topics are constantly updated to ensure you're not left behind.

1. The Digital Context

Explore the ways digital technology has changed our lives and its impact on organisations and marketing.

2. Planning Digital Marketing

Learn the 5 golden rules of effective planning and useful frameworks to help you day to day. Get your head around SMART objective setting and become familiar with the concept of customer journeys.

3. Content Strategy and Content Marketing

Build content marketing into customer journeys, addressing planning and content curation and explore the importance of mutual value for audience and business.

4. SEO

This module discusses how search engines work and the key principles of SEO. You’ll be introduced to ‘on the page’ and ‘off the page’ activity, keywords and different types of search such as mobile, video and image.

5. PPC

Understand the key differences between paid and organic search and investigate important concepts like quality score and long tail.

6. Display Advertising

The display advertising ecosystem is already complex and this module looks at how it’s changing and the key enablers. You’ll also explore the importance of leading with earned attention in advertising.

7. Social Media

From major trends to key planning considerations, this is a great introduction to social media for business. Find out what makes content ‘shareable’ and how you can plan superior social media and customer journeys.

8. Online Video

From video strategy to production, this module shows how video powers up all the elements of the digital marketing mix and supports the ecommerce journey. Get up to speed with the latest formats, trends and understand the role video plays in your marketing strategy.

9. Performance and Influencer Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? What is influencer marketing? How do they work and can they be automated? Get the answers to these questions in this fascinating module.

10. Platforms, Usability and Conversion Optimisation

Become familiar with platforms and the key elements of usability. You’ll gain a clear understanding of conversion optimisation and important trends to be aware of.

11. Email Marketing

Explore the role of email in your wider marketing strategy and its main challenges and success factors. This module shines a light on segmentation, optimising creative and copy and the benefits of marketing automation.

12. Analysis and Measurement

Get to know how tag management works and the role of website analytics. Find out how you can turn data into insight and action and use it to ensure continuous improvement.

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You can also tailor your online learning experience to the specific needs of your team. We can create an entirely bespoke online learning classroom that ensures your most pressing challenges are addressed.