A new social networking site has gone live, providing user-generated information for holidaymakers and UK commuters.

Travelhiker launches

Founded by 27 year old Oxford grad James Holmes, Travelhiker.com allows members to share photos, diaries and reviews, as well as to find companions for trips.

The venture, which went live last week, also aims to be a source of information on commuting and school runs, and to help users make car sharing arrangements.

It will go up against companies such as STA Travel, Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, which have developed their own online communities.

Holmes decided to quit his VC job and launch Travelhiker when on a trip to California in 2005.

The drawback of social networking sites like Myspace and Bebo is that the information on there is only really useful to a few people – the contributors and their friends,” he said. “But if you apply the same concept to travel, the information is useful to a much wider audience.

Holmes said he would concentrate on user acquisition before aiming to make money from the site, but said he planned to eventually seek outside funding.

Having worked in the field of venture capital, I hope to make the website an investable proposition, and hopefully it won’t take too long to get there,” he said.

The site has been financed by a relatively small level of investment from family and friends but the idea is to establish it as a major travel networking website, and then move it onto a more professional basis.


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