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Marketing is a challenging profession, requiring all of us to continually build and refresh our knowledge and skills. Travelopia is on a journey to embrace customer data driven marketing (CDDM). Now, with our ENRICH Framework, we can successfully build customer-centric  marketing that will make a real difference.

This programme of training modules with instructor-led films, live tutorials and recommended readings will teach you the practical skills to advance your understanding and ‘data literacy’. It will help equip you to take on the challenges that lie ahead. It provides access to our intensive online classroom, along with  a wealth of research, best practice guides, market data, online training, expert analysis, tools & templates.

Learning Sprint 1 (2nd March – 20th March)

Travelopia’s modern marketing strategy

You’ll learn ways to make your marketing strategy quantified, agile and future-proofed. This module also introduces the Fast Track to Modern Marketing course, presents an overview of the M3 module. Start your learning journey by completing the lessons for Modern Marketing Strategy displayed on the right. In the first lesson, you will meet your Travelopia […]

15 Min

Market and customer orientation

Explore ways to achieve market orientation through a customer focused approach and ensure engagement from your organisation.

14 Min

Customer Insight

In this module, you’ll learn how to make the most of the latest methods and digital data analytics to fully inform your customer insight planning.


Learning Sprint 2 (6th April – 24th April)

16 Min

Brand and value

This module discusses ways you can add value to people and organisations through your brand, including how to build your brand and how to avoid breaking your brand.

15 Min

Segmentation and targeting

Learn how to select target segments based on relevance using both classical and digital methods.

10 Min


Learn how the fusion of digital and classic tools and architecture offers unique capability to do positioning in real-time and at an individual level via dynamic personalisation.


Learning Sprint 3 (11th May – 29th May)

23 Min

Data and measurement

In this module, you’ll learn more about what data you need to support your marketing (including to machines) and how do you measure and optimise performance.

30 Min

Integrated marketing communications

Learn how to actively get your message in front of the right people through all forms of paid, earned, owned and shared activity; and how technology is accelerating opportunity.


Digital Shift

A quarterly look at the most important developments, trends and innovations in digital that you need to know about

Digital Skills Library


Latest Travel & Leisure Resources

B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction ‘Content shock’[1] is real: the volume of B2B (and B2C) content is now outweighing our human capacity to consume it. However, content marketing can still present an immense opportunity for B2B businesses. When executed effectively, it can be a powerful engagement tool for fostering loyalty, lead generation and sales, and for conveying the […]

leaves changing colour

B2B Digital Transformation

1. Executive Summary Digitisation is rapidly changing B2B businesses and it is crucial that companies transform and respond to these challenges. According to McKinsey, turning your company into a top-quartile B2B digital player can increase revenue by 3.5%.[1] Rising expectations from customers and prospects is also driving digital transformation as B2B buyers increasingly expect the […]

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