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What innovations in 3D and AR technology could mean for ecommerce

New technology is opening up further opportunities within ecommerce, as AR and 3D sizing solutions help online retailers to solve challenges around size and fit. Consumers are already shopping online more than ever before, of course, but these solutions could further accelerate the shift to ecommerce – particularly within fashion. The EY Consumer Index recently […]

Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation Monthly – June 2021

1. Introduction Each month, Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation Monthly report highlights the most important transformation stories arising from sectors from retail and grocery to finance, healthcare and travel. This month, we look at two new studies that present different perspectives on organisations’ digital aptitude: one from The Economist and Microsoft, which reveals that most companies were […]

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Building a Digital Culture

1. Introduction Digital technologies have brought significant shifts in customer behaviour and competitive dynamics. This, in combination with the greater levels of unpredictability in customer, societal and market contexts as a result of the pandemic, mean that many businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Thriving in this new environment requires an organisational culture that is both […]

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Digital Transformation: Agility and Innovation Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction This report is designed to provide marketers and innovation practitioners with practical guidance and advice on how to apply key principles and behaviours that sit at the heart of agile ways of working in order to support innovation and experimentation as well as greater organisational and team agility. With societal, market, competitive and […]

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Quick Guide to Digital Transformation and the Role of Data

1. Introduction Technological advancement, human ingenuity and data – lots of it – underpins digital transformation. But what data should marketers collect? And how should it be structured? This abridged version of Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation and the Role of Data Best Practice Guide aims to help marketers better understand data within the wider scope of […]


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