English language web is a crowded place, but you’ve a much better chance of securing a domain with your top keyword in another language; and if not, you can simply build anchor text-rich links.

The holy grail for any fledgling e-commerce business has got to be securing a domain name with a top performing relevant keyword.

For instance, if you’re looking to sell photographic equipment, how good would be?

Unfortunately, on the English language web, your chance of securing
a keyword domain name that’s available and affordable is slim and growing

The good news is, this isn’t always the case in other languages. With
a bit of research you may be able to buy or register a domain containing your
top keyword, or a combination of your brand and a top keyword.

We got lucky at Lingo24 with our German website www.übersetzungsbü, and
in Luxembourg, Belgium and French Canada we’ve actually managed to secure domain
names with the translated key phrase ‘Translation Agency’ (e.g.

But even if you’re not able to secure a domain name in foreign target markets that
incorporates one of your top performing foreign language keywords, you can
still make use of these keywords by ensuring you use them to build anchor
text-rich links, both within the network of your own websites, and with
external editorial websites and web directories.

For example, if you had a website selling cameras to the German market, you
might build links using the anchor text ‘Kameras’; similarly, for Lingo24’s German
website we would use the keyword ‘Übersetzungsbüro’ (‘Translation

And while building these anchor text-rich links within your own websites
is valuable, even more important is building links from external websites and
respected directories in the local internet (meaning websites with the same
country-code Top Level Domain as your localised website).

This is where it helps to have the capital to invest in a multilingual PR team
for link-building, by pitching content contributions to editorial websites and
securing increased brand awareness as well as valuable links.

However, if that’s
outside your reach then optimised press release distribution services are a
great way to quickly build a large amount of links from respected news and editorial

Of course, it’s also important not to overdo it on the one keyword. You want
the anchor text of your links to be a varied mix of your top performing
keywords, your brand name and natural links (such as ‘click here’).
Using a mix of these anchor text-rich links in an ongoing and prolific
link-building campaign is absolutely the best way to improve your search engine

The best news is that, due to the relative lack of keyword
competition in languages other than English, you’ll see measurable results for
your link-building efforts in foreign languages far more quickly than in