Holiday user review website TripAdvisor is relaunching its website, with the revamped version now live in the UK and the US version to follow by the end of the year.  

The new design has removed much of the clutter that characterised the previous version, and the result is a much cleaner looking site.

Navigation has been simplified, and users can start their search for a flight, hotel or review through this box on the homepage:

Alternatively, users can type in their destination amd search, or browse by using the map to find the information they want.

Each city/destimation has a dedicated page, so that users looking for New York will see an overview, with lists of the top hotels and attractions, while the left sidebar allows users to navigate between reviews, traveller videos, maps, and so on.

The site now has some impressive social network features, where users can plot the places they have visted or plan to visit on a map and share this information with friends.

The redesigned site is certainly an improvement on the previous version – the site has some excellent features, and  the removal of clutter has made the site easier on the eye and much simpler to navigate around.

TripAdvisor, which is owned by Expedia, is the biggest user review site in the world, with approximately 25m monthly unique users, and a database of more than 10m reviews.

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