Tripadvisor has confirmed it is planning to syndicate content to other websites in a bid to expand its already massive online community.

The site, which houses over 5m reviews of destinations and hotels, said it has received numerous approaches from travel companies about content licensing deals.

European MD Marc Charron told E-consultancy that agreements could be in place within a few months:

“We’ve had hotels, tour operators and airlines talk about having Tripadvisor content, so yes, it is something we are looking at. We’re addressing what content we would want to share and in what form we would want to share it.”

Although Tripadvisor is yet to announce pricing and the restrictions it will place on the content, Charron said several sites are keen to use the reviews alongside where consumers are purchasing holidays.

Expedia, the site’s owner, has already started to use Tripadvisor content in a bid to boost conversion and sales.

Charron denied there had been wrangling about content being provided to Expedia’s competitors:

“The attitude generally at Tripadvisor is that with the right partnership, we are interested in sharing our content – whether that’s with Expedia or anyone else.”

The move also follows the recent addition of video hosting on Tripadvisor and comes as the site is preparing to add more communication tools for its members.

Charron added:

“Anyone that partakes on the forums would realise that there is a wealth of information that doesn’t exist on the site, but exists in the people that use the site. That ability to allow communication between fellow travellers is a natural thing for us to explore.”