Launched recently, is a hotel review site with a twist – users can see video footage of hotels.  


Plenty of holiday/travel websites, such as Travelistic, or TripAdvisor are using videos of holiday destinations, but Trivop claims to be the first to offer video footage of hotels.

Launched by French company VideoAgency, the site currently has videos and reviews for hotels in London and Paris, with plans to expand it coverage.

The hotel locations are plotted on Google Maps, while hotel reviews are taken from TripAdvisor. Videos are submitted by the hotels themselves.

For anyone who has ever booked a hotel, then turned up to find that it didn’t match the brochure, this site could be extremely useful.

Trivop plans to add more user-generated video at a later date, allowing for comparison of official hotel videos and private videos. It also plans to expand its coverage to other European cities.