TruffleShuffle specialises in 80s t-shirts, clothing and gifts, and has just launched a mobile version of its site. 

As an experiment, Pat Wood from TruffleShuffle printed out the mobile site reviews from this blog, hired a PHP / MySQL intern and asked them to build a mobile site based on our tips.

According to Pat, it’s been live for a week, and orders have been coming through already. I’ve been checking the site out… 


The homepage faithfully recreates the look and feel of the main website, but presents a simplified version which is easier to use on a mobile. 


The search box is prominent, which helps when there are fewer navigational options, while there are just three options; mens, ladies and kids stuff. 

Further down the page, clear links are provided to delivery and returns information, help and contact options etc. 


Navigation / product search 

The navigation options are simple, and users can narrow the scope of their search by selecting one of the product categories from the drop-down list. 


Search or product category results are displayed in a list accompanied by pictures of the product, price and a description. This makes it easier for users to browse through without having to load up product pages to see more details. 

At the bottom of these lists though, the link to view the next page of products could be made clearer. The numbers aren’t easy to select on a touchscreen phone, while the arrow to select the next page is easily missed. 


Product pages

The product pages are detailed enough, and contain photos of products from two or three different angles. Customers are told that if they order by 4pm today they can have their item delivered tomorrow, a useful sales tool which perhaps should be given more prominence for maximum effect. 

Checkout process

The checkout process has been well optimised for mobile users, but the fact that customers have to either login using their existing details or by registering a new account adds extra friction for users. 

Registration adds an extra obstacle when all customers want to do is complete their purchase, and it is even more annoying on a mobile commerce site, where data entry is more time-consuming. 

Registration aside, the checkout process is well-designed with easy to fill-in forms. Little things like postcode lookup tools can help save customers’ time when entering details on mobiles. 



By keeping to the basics and keeping it simple Truffleshuffle has created a usable mobile website which should bring the company some useful extra sales from mobile users. 

The mobile site cost very little to develop, and provides and excellent example for other small businesses who are thinking about a mobile presence.