Marketers everywhere (or those using Tumblr at least) can finally rejoice. Today, Tumblr and Union Metrics, Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider, has announced the first ever analytics platform for Tumblr. 

Tumblr hosts 75 million blogs and users create more than 70 million new posts each day. Over the past 6 months, marketers have been able to pay for advertising by either pinning a post to follower’s feeds or be featured in Radar on the right hand side of user’s Tumblr dashboard. Success comes for brands if their content is good and suited for Tumblr – which includes great images and imaginative animated gifs.

Unfortunately all they know is how many times their post has been reblogged but not how many times it has been seen or reblogged off their reblog.

Brands like Adidas and Coke jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon early and began to use the paid for feature but there was no way to prove its success until now.

Using Gnip, Union Metrics has full access to the entire firehose of Tumblr data. The new analytics tool will allow users to:

  • Filter and track any blog or topic
  • Summarize overall engagement and trends
  • Show most popular content

The feature that will make most of us analytics nuts salivate will be the individual post engagement analysis. This will show interactions over time, amplification trends and a reblog tree visualization. Now we can see how posts spread through Tumblr.

Here’s an example of what the analytics will look like for the blog summary page. Pretty, huh?

Want to know how well your post has done? Now you can!

Union Metrics for Tumblr will only be available today by invitation only, but it will soon be available to everyone. If you want to sign up for an invite, visit for more info.