weather based marketingAll those creative assets gathering virtual dust in your catalogue, database, or inventory system? Tag them snowy, cloudy, sunny or rainy and turn them into dynamically-generated, weather-targeted ads.

Weather site Weather Underground has partnered with Dapper to create WeatherMatch, a real-time system that delivers ads that match local weather conditions, paired with items from a catalogue or other electronic inventory database.

To get started, an advertiser would first tag appropriate catologue
items: galoshes and windshield wipers are “rain,” for example, lawn
mowers and tank tops are “sunny.” Then, depending on real world weather
conditions, the appropriate items are inserted into a generic piece of
creative and displayed to users in relevant markets. Theoretically, a
large retailer could simultaneous be pushing snowblowers and beach
umbrella, each in an appropriate slice of the country.

Weather-based targeting is hardly a new idea, online or off-. Email in particular has been a popular vehicle for blasting weather-based promotions in the wake of one climactic upheaval or another. But so far as we know, this is the first dynamically targeted weather advertising solution, and one with interesting potential. It can be applied to more than immediately meets the eye, across product categories such as apparel, automotive, home and garden,  OTC drugs (pollen, cold and flu season), even seasonal foods (cold outside? have some soup).