Disruptive online TV start-up Tape It Off The Internet (Tioti) has bagged some funding from Pond Venture Partners, according to its blog.

The exact amount is unclear but is reported to be in the “seven figure”  range.

TIOTI doesn’t host any TV or video content but points to where it can be found, from video sites like YouTube and Veoh as well as P2P and download services like Joost and 40D.

The site says it indexes over 75,000 TV shows and over 0.5m episodes. Since its recent public beta launch, it says it has doubled its base of registered users, served 0.5m pages and increased vistor numbers by 300%.

With the number of online video / TV services online increasing, TIOTI aims to be a one stop shop for people seeking TV content, though there are competitors. Veoh TV, for instance, recently launched an online video aggregation tool - a downloadable browser which pulls video content together from a wide range of sources.

Meanwhile, as reported in the Guardian, tv-links.co.uk, a site which provides links to illegal film content (but doesn’t host the content on its site) has been closed down by police for copyright infringement.

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