Twitter has just released a new official version of its app for the iPad (iTunes link), and it looks like a strong competitor for Tweetdeck. 

I’ve been trying out the new app which, according to the Twitter blog, it has been designed to ‘let the content shine’…

The new app interface is a series of panes that can be expanded and retracted, and opened easily without the need to click on any fiddly buttons. Simple navigation options down the left of the app allow you to flick between your timeline, mentions, DMs, or searches: 


The size of the iPad screen means you can read articles, or view photos and videos while still keeping the rest of the app’s functions in view. In fact, you can look through your timeline while you wait for a video to load and head back to it when it’s ready. 


There are some neat touches that allow you to view information quickly. For example, if you want to view the full conversation around a tweet, putting two fingers together and pulling down brings up all the replies. 

Also, if a particular tweet uses a hashtag, then clicking on it will bring up that tweet and others underneath that use the same tag. 

Follower suggestions are another useful feature. If you select a user’s profile it suggests similar users to follow further down the page, a good way to find interesting people to follow. 


Having played with the app for half an hour this morning, I’m impressed so far. As shown in the screenshot below you have a few panes open, then select new tweet, the screen gets a bit cluttered, but it is easy enough to switch between panes and hide the ones you aren’t using. 


I have been using Tweetdeck on the iPad so far, as I also use it on desktop and mobile, mainly because i like to be able to view several columns at once.

However, this new Twitter app makes it much easier to read tweets, get at the content contained within, and to see user’s details and the flow of conversations. Since Tweetdeck on iPad can also be a little slow and buggy, this new Twitter app looks a better bet at the moment.