Twitter and Pinterest have experienced the biggest rises in revenue per visitor (RPV) over the last 12 months, though Facebook continues to dominate the share of social referral traffic to ecommerce sites. 

These findings are from Adobe’s first annual Social Media Intelligence report, which looks at social media trends  based on data across retail, media, entertainment, and travel websites. 

Here are a few highlights from the report…

Revenue per visitor

The stats suggest that the value of social media marketing has increased over the last 12 months (or marketers are getting the hang of it), with big increases for Twitter and Pinterest. 

  • Pinterest: RPV up 150% YOY.
  • Twitter: up 300% YOY.
  • Facebook: up 39% YOY. 

Facebook CPC falling

Facebook may be becoming a more appealing prospect for advertisers, with the cost of ads falling by 40%, and CTR increasing (up 275% YOY). 

Engagement by post type

It’s images FTW it seems. Posts with images produce the highest engagement rate, closely followed by those with video. 

This is something we looked at recently with reference to Twitter, and though the results were inconclusive, I can see why this tactic would work well. 

The use of images has grown by 8% over the past 12 months, though video use has dropped 40%.