In the world of social media, many brands are doubling down on their investments. And when it comes to those investments, much is being focused on a few popular services.

One of those popular services: Twitter.

There is no doubt that Twitter has been a boon to brands looking for ways to engage with consumers online. But up to now, the modes brands can engage with consumers on Twitter has been fairly limited given Twitter’s simple structure.

That could be changing, however, as rumors are circulating that Twitter will be rolling out enhanced brand pages as early as February 1.

According to Business Insider, the enhanced pages will allow brands to add additional interactivity to their Twitter accounts. The enhanced pages may even include iFrame support, which would allow “users to play games or shop on a brand’s site without actually leaving the Twitter environment.”

If the Business Insider’s sources are correct, it would appear that Twitter is taking a page from Facebook’s playbook. Facebook Pages have been a big hit with brands, although in many cases the ROI isn’t immediately apparent.

The big question for Twitter, of course, is whether or not going the route of Facebook would enhance the user experience. While it’s easy to see brands getting excited about the ability to extend what can be done on a Twitter page, it’s not quite clear that users will be pleased.

Part of Twitter’s appeal is its simplicity. If brands clutter up their pages with iFrame-based shopping experiences, games and the like, Twitter could be fundamentally changed. And not necessarily for the better.