Quick Guides

Quick Guides offer condensed versions of our Best Practice Guides for marketers short on time.

Quick Guide to Content Strategy

1. Introduction The role of content within marketing and digital marketing has never been more important. However, it is an area in constant flux, with evolving dynamics around technology, data, content production and distribution. Despite the growing fragmentation of channels and consumer engagement opportunities, only 37% of B2B marketers say they have a good content […]

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Quick Guide to Ecommerce

1. Introduction Ecommerce has developed a lot over the last 20 years. But the scale of opportunity is only just beginning: although many consumers are now online, in some parts of the world, most retail expenditure still is not. As increasing specialism becomes the ecommerce standard, how can marketers navigate the opportunities and challenges along […]

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Quick Guide to Storytelling for Marketers

1. Introduction Storytelling is essential to the human condition and has always been a part of persuasion and selling. According to one of the experts interviewed for Econsultancy’s Storytelling for Marketers Best Practice Guide, storytelling is central to humanity. It was those who learned – through stories – that survived, and as a result, we […]

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Quick Guide to Harnessing the Power of Personalisation

1. Introduction Personalisation is about delivering greater relevance to customers and providing a richer experience by serving the right message on the right channel at the right time. Its business growth and brand differentiation potential mean that personalisation will continue to be a priority for modern business success. However, many marketers are still struggling to […]

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Quick Guide to Getting to Grips with Market Research and Insight

1. Introduction In an environment of rapidly changing customer behaviour, data- and insight-driven marketing and strategy have never been more important. This abridged version of Econsultancy’s Getting to Grips with Market Research and Insight Best Practice Guide serves as an introduction to the basics of marketing research and gives an overview of the main tools and […]

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Quick Guide to Digital Transformation and the Role of Data

1. Introduction Technological advancement, human ingenuity and data – lots of it – underpins digital transformation. But what data should marketers collect? And how should it be structured? This abridged version of Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation and the Role of Data Best Practice Guide aims to help marketers better understand data within the wider scope of […]

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Quick Guide to Learning from Digital Disruptors

1. Introduction Why is a disruptive strategy and culture increasingly valuable in an uncertain business climate? What can marketers learn from disruptive thinking and innovative techniques to help deliver their own objectives? This quick version of Econsultancy’s Learning from Digital Disruptors Best Practice Guide covers how disruptive businesses operate, their strategies for success, and their […]

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Quick Guide to Change Management for Marketers

1. Introduction With so many organisations having embarked on digital transformation programmes, and with rapidly changing competitive environments, the need for marketers to understand how to manage change and complexity has never been greater. The impact of technology and the growing complexity in channels, formats and touchpoints have all fundamentally changed the function and practice […]

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Quick Guide to Maximising the ROI of Digital Marketing

1. Introduction The size of investment that brands make in digital marketing programmes mean that it is extremely important to understand the impact that spend is having. Yet there remains little industry consensus on the best way to achieve an accurate, quantified view on the contribution that a marketing strategy has had on revenue and […]

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Quick Guide to Mobile Marketing Best Practice

Introduction This guide highlights three key themes which will help marketers deliver better mobile experiences for their customers and improve the performance of their mobile marketing activity. These three themes are: personalising the customer experience, mapping the customer journey and planning for the age of assistance. The guide draws from Econsultancy’s Mobile Marketing report which […]

Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety

Quick Guide to Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety

Introduction In recent years, trust among the general population has taken a hit. The rise of fake news, along with high-profile data breaches and some inappropriately placed programmatic ads have eroded the trust that people and organisations have in the businesses they work with. In 2017, marketing consultancy firm Edelman confirmed this sentiment, declaring in […]