According to new research from Point Topic, resistance to the internet is growing among the portion of the population currently without access.

By early 2006, an estimated 11.2 million households in the UK (44%) had no internet access at home. Of those households, 74.6% don’t think it is important to, a rise from 51.7% in the same survey last year.

The reasons given for not getting online were lack of interest, the cost of getting connected, and not having the necessary skills. Only 26% of those without access were confident they knew how to use the internet.

Katja Mueller of Point Topic believes the skills issue is a barrier to growth:

“These are real concerns, and if they were to be resolved, more households would be able to benefit from getting internet access in the next half a year.”

Internet coverage has grown rapidly over the last few years, with 64% of the population expected to have broadband installed by the end of 2008, around 16 million households.

However, new broadband installations are expected to level out after this, as most of those who want internet access are expected to have signed up by then.