A UK-based sports social network, iSporty, has been launched, offering members a combination of interactive content and sports news, as well as forums and photos.

The site, which was previously called tiredandtested.com, says it is aimed at people who play sports at every level.

It also offers what iSporty calls the ‘first online TV sports channel for grassroots sports‘, featuring user generated content hosted by former BBC presenters Gary Newbon and Rebecca Lowe.

The team behind the site includes Chris Ward, who has previously worked on FriendsReunited, Mike Lee, who worked on Britain’s Olympic bid, and Tim Southwell, one of the founders of Loaded.

With plenty of social networks out there, iSporty offers nothing revolutionary, but does provide an interesting mix of professional and user-generated content, as well as making good use of Google Maps to help you find users in your area with similar sporting interests.

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