Just 6% of UK consumers own a TV with built-in Wi-Fi despite the fact that in the past three years more TVs have been sold in the UK than there are households.

The findings come from a Deloitte survey of 4,000 UK consumers which also found that TV viewers will watch one trillion ads in 2012.

It adds to a growing body of evidence which suggests that connected TV is failing to catch on with consumers.

Up to 70% of homes have at least one way of connecting their TVs to the internet either through an integrated connection or through a games console, yet just 16% of respondents use their TV to watch catch up TV on a regular basis.

Almost half of respondents had never used their TV to watch video-on-demand. Furthermore, just 5% of respondents said they use connected TV apps ‘frequently’.

This supports previous research form Kantar Media which found that just 7% of British adults have used a connected TV to go online.

The study also found that just 17% of British adults own an internet ready TV set and more than a third (36%) of respondents said they did not see the point in going online through a TV set.

But Deloitte says there are signs that the use of connected TV is catching on, particularly among younger, wealthy consumers.

Almost 20% of wealthier respondents exhibited higher regular usage of TVs to access TV-on-demand at 19% versus the national average of 16%.  For 25-34 year olds the figure was 24% and for those with tablets it was 28%.

The key drivers of higher usage of connected TV are likely to be greater ease-of-use, better content and faster, more reliable broadband speeds.

The importance of capturing TV viewers’ attention is demonstrated by the amount of TV ads we watch and the perceived impact of those ads according to Deloitte’s survey.

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The appeal of a good TV ad is further demonstrated by the fact that almost 30% of 16-24 year olds ‘always’ or ‘frequently’ stop fast-forwarding ads on their personal video recorder (PVR) if they see one they like.

Also, when asked about their favourite ad campaigns 84% of answers were TV-based ads.